Job Title: Pest Control

Technician Supervisor: Obie Munoz

Job Summary / Responsibilities: Providing pest control services to clients. Identify and solve pest control issues with appropriate treatments. Problem solve. Communicate and educate all customers on products, treatments, pest control programs & preventive measures. Keep your vehicle washed, cleaned inside and organized, daily. Other duties as assigned. This position reports directly to owners / upper management and or designated staff.

Job Tasks: Driving, lifting, bending, written / verbal communication with clients, applying pesticides, walking, spending extended time outside in hot / cold environments, need pest control knowledge, including but not limited to pesticide safety, insect behaviors and biology, equipment usage, client care skills, and various other related skills.

Physical Strength: Must be able to lift objects up to 100 lbs. to move heavy items or equipment, carry equipment (up to 40 lbs.) such as back-pack sprayers for extended periods of time. Able to bend, squat, and reach. These activities could average 4 hours per day or more.

Endurance/Environment: This position requires time spent standing, sitting, bending, walking and kneeling. This will vary by type of clients assigned for the day but could be the entire 8 hour shift. Must be able to get on hands and knees to reach under various types of equipment and inspect / treat for pests. Must be able to tolerate outside temperatures in Florida heat / cold for extended periods of time up to 8 hours per day. Must be able to work in all seasonal weather conditions, damp & dusty locations. Able to fit through 2' x 2' openings, traverse over and under obstacles in crawlspaces and attics, climb over and on top of structures and ascend and descend stairs. Must be able to use ladders, power tools, hand tools and personal protective equipment. Ability: High School education or equivalent. Ability to utilize problem-solving skills, communication & time management skills. Good driving record, provide 5 year abstract. Able to read and write in English legibly, comprehend pesticide labels, & have strong written and verbal skills. Must have minimum 1 year verifiable experience with a Florida pest control company. Must be able to pass company technical competency test.

Vision / Hearing: Must be able to pass vision requirements to obtain state drivers license and be able to read pesticide label instructions. Must be able to hear clients for communication purposes and traffic for safety reasons.

Other: Must have pleasing / professional appearance to clients. Not have chemical sensitivities that would prohibit working with pesticides.

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