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​​Hawkeye FireAntFree™

Control fire ants for a full year – Guaranteed!

WHY TAKE A CHANCE? When it comes to fire ants, public areas frequented by children, pets, employees, customers, elderly, or infirm, are of particular concern. Hawkeye FireAntFree™ has been applied in critical areas such as playgrounds, football and baseball fields, practice fields, residential yards and nursing home grounds.

Hawkeye FireAntFree™ will control fire ants for a full year.

That’s 52 weeks of ant control. Other types of procedures only temporarily control fire ants, allowing another mound to pop up in weeks, or even days later. With Hawkeye FireAntFree™ new mounds and new fire ant populations are prevented from appearing by creating a lasting barrier so it won’t wash away. This gives you not only fire ant free grounds, but confidence in knowing you won’t have to treat for fire ants until next year.

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